Monday, July 23, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Carlos Quimbo of Good Vines Wine

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This series was meant to cover tech startups. However, we figured it'd also be great to showcase other companies that use technology for marketing. Here, we chatted with Carlos Quimbo, CEO and Founder of Good Vines Wine.

Here, we chatted about
  • How Carlos learned wine from his families 45% wine market share in the Philippines
  • Why the millennial will love Good Vines
  • That currently, wine isn't marketed to millennial (even though they're big buyers)
  • How Carlos will use local artists for wine in each city & how donating to charity is an important part of their business
  • The joys of being an wine entrepreneur (for example, landing a distributor & trying to be able to clear customs at the same time)
More about Carlos

Carlos Quimbo is the founder & CEO of Sipp LLC. Prior to starting Good Vines, Carlos worked in various areas of finance, including investment management, capital markets, and private equity. In addition, Carlos is a board member at his family’s company, Novellino Wine. 

More about Good Vines Wine 

Their pitch: They make lovely, slightly bubbly red wine. They also benefit a variety of causes. 

Good Vines is on a mission to save the world with good wine! They plan to achieve this goal by socializing wine through our digital platform, which allows customers to interact with the artists, charities, and experiences that Good Vines has to offer.

Founders started Good Vines not only because they love wine, but to make a difference. The vision: expand their global reach, starting one cause and one community at a time.

Their first cause is in partnership with The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago sponsoring programs that help develop the fitness capabilities of handicapped individuals via dance.

It's up to YOU as to how involved you want to be; you can start by drinking the wine, engage in our updates of the program and maybe even getting directly involved as a volunteer. No cause or effort is too small, their impact is driven by real passion and real people.

Connect with them on @GoodVinesWine on Twitter & Facebook.

Good Vines is a trademarked brand of Sipp LLC.


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