Friday, August 3, 2012

Sex Tech Startup Podcast: Melissa White of Lucky Bloke

The fact of life is that STDs, diseases and unplanned pregnancies can be avoided through condom use. Condoms are an essential component to life in today's world, and should be treated as such.

 That's why I was excited to chat with Melissa White, Founder & CEO of Lucky Bloke.

They are a condom retailer that also does subscriptions. They're also running a really great campaign currently (Mission Great Sex) which needs your support!

What we chatted about: 

* How to determine your condom sizing
* How they are solving their biggest challenge (ie. that people hate condoms)
* Why they are running their current campaign: Mission Great Sex
* How you can get involved in safer sex
* What's next for them over the upcoming year

More about Melissa

Melissa was entrusted with the organization and direction of projects requiring extreme levels of diplomacy, finesse and sophisticated creativity.

She worked closely with international corporations, exclusive retail chains, executives of global organizations, the United States Secret Service and international embassies, among others.

This could be why she's super stealth with your condom information with Lucky Bloke! She also has a rich and multifaceted background in (and love of) marketing and selling diverse, high-end consumer goods. She has had great success in the retail, wholesale, e-commerce, and direct sales markets. Currently, she's working on creating Lucky Bloke into an internationally renowned retailer--and doing very well.

Connect with Melissa on Twitter @awaytofindme and subscribe on Facebook.

More about Lucky Bloke 

Their pitch: Find some of the largest, and least known brands of premium condoms online. Find one you like? Make it a subscription.

In their own words: 

We believe that life can and should be optimized for your convenience, comfort, and privacy. We believe in individuality, community, and accountability.

By shopping at or contributing to the Mission: Great Sex! initiative, you are supporting a genuine, family business that is passionate about you, your safety, and your pleasure. A strong, tangible commitment to positive social change is at the core of everything we do.

That’s why it means so much to us that we're able to:
• bring you the very best condoms from around the world, 

• ship them to you world-wide (for just $2.50!), 

• and donate 10% of our sales to the charities & causes you select. 

• current causes include: charity: water, 
It Gets Better Project, and UNICEF.

We believe that quality, integrity, and transparent giving are essential to building a sustainable business, and that sustainable businesses are vital to local communities, helping to make this world a better place.

We also believe that you deserve a condom company that not only offers you the world's very best condoms, but also works tirelessly to provide the best customer service experience possible.

Find them on Twitter @theluckybloke and 'Like' them on Facebook, check them out on Tumblr, Pinterest and even find them on Google+.


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