Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm back & would love to help you!

Readers! Friends!

I'm just now reviewing this blog again. Ah, life. She's a doozy. I've had so very much fun (and yes, tears, too) since launching TechInspire.Me in 2011.

What a ride. Also very grateful to have grown a lot since then in terms of my direction. So I'm glad to be sharing it right now with you.

Thanks for joining in!

So I'm definitely going to start to do video. I'm going to keep this space open for inspiration, motivation and all that science and technology enables. And I'd love for you to continue to join me. I'm going to be fixing things up here. You know, like those broken images.

Blogs that haven't been looked at in a while are horrible. I'm trying to get everything back in working order. So bare with me.

For now, the prototype is live. And! I'm in search of new, amazing clients to help and be helped by. Can we share an experience to become better leaders? Please get in touch, I really enjoy collaborating on projects I love.

Check out my new Hire Me page and let's connect.

Let's schedule a chat! Alternatively, TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn.

Warm regards,
Erica Grigg


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