Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Reasons You Should Attend TechWeek

TechWeek has been on my radar since the folks at Chicago Interactive Social Club sent me a link in April. As many networking events go, I’m excited about attending and blogging about the event widely.

I must admit I’m biased; I love networking events. There doesn’t need to be much of an excuse to shmooze with tech folks. Nevertheless, just in case you were considering skipping out on this event, I wanted to urge you to meet leaders and share your vision for the tech community.

Without adieu, ten reasons you simply must attend this event:
  1. It’s summer; you need to get outside and party tech-style. Throughout TechWeek, there are going to be many parties that we’re going to attend & publicize.
  2. Summer is an excellent time to let loose and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 
  3. It's a marketing moment. Launching a new product or service? Create a press release, several marketing campaigns and launch it at TechWeek with a bang!
  4. Keep your inspiration tank full. Have you read a book called, “The Five Love Languages”? If you haven’t, it’s wonderful and will improve relationships in your life. If you have, meeting people is the best way to stay inspired and stay hungry.
  5.  Learn about your competition. Unless your niche is deep and narrow, you have competitors. Know your competition very well, and especially how and why you’re different—and how you’re better.
  6. Chicago pizza is awesome. So is Chicago tech.
  7. Succeed against competition through strategy. Do some analysis before attending and consider what you’re going to do over the next 6 or 12-months to get more market share against your competitors.
  8. Network! Creating lasting connections in your industry is always good.
  9. Learn best practices. Meeting peers in the tech industry provides the chance to share best practices and industry standards.
  10. Speak up, get noticed. Throughout the many break out sessions, keynotes or otherwise, you’ll have the opportunity to shine with interesting questions. Ask those questions & get noticed.


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