Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I started TechInspire.Me

As a mover and shaker in the tech industry from London to New York and Chicago, I’ve seen tech entrepreneurs of all shades. Some entrepreneurs were more visionary and successful than others. Most of all, these entrepreneurs encouraged me to achieve more.

With TechInspire.Me, I want to enable those in the tech startup community to achieve real, measurable success. In this blog, we’ll provide an avenue for tech entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Our posts will dispense insightful information for community members from co-founders, VCs to partners and interns.

Categories will run the gamut from idea conceptualization to obtaining seed funding and beyond. From HR, finance, marketing and branding, local high-quality networking events, law to individual stories from tech entrepreneurs and products launching, check back weekly to get your dose of inspiration.

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Erica Grigg


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