Thursday, June 21, 2012

Challenge: 50 Startup Interviews in 50 Days

As noted in my previous post, I'm stating my ambitious goal to the startup community. I'm going to interview 50 tech startups in 50 Days.

Are you a tech startup (especially a woman or minority-led) interested in getting exposure? If you have a public beta and some success metrics, I'd love to chat!

There are two ways to get interviewed. Either e-mail or fill out this Doodle and schedule a time to connect. I'm scheduling interviews Tuesday - Thursday 9AM - 11AM CST.

From 5-20 minute coverage, we'll record a podcast which is also posted on Soundcloud and across our social media channels (and yours).

All for your entrepreneurial pleasure! Conversations with founders, CEOs, partners and founding members from 50 different startups in 50 days. By August 10th.

Will you be following along until then? Are you following us on Twitter, Facebook, G+, our LinkedIn Group and subscribed via RSS feeds?

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