Friday, June 29, 2012

Tech Interview Podcast: Jordan Wolf of SwipedIn

This podcast #8 of 50 was both insightful and informative. This startup helps small businesses succeed by offering customers offers in their local area. Currently in Madison, Wisconsin, SwipedIn is finding its niche and launching in Chicago in August.

Jordan is in the midst of pre-launch time for SwipedIn across Chicago. This podcast features a very candid Jordan on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, as well as how partners define their product features.

More about Jordan

Coming from a family of small business owners, Jordan knows a thing or two about startups. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Business, Jordan has been passionate about small business since graduating. Jordan has a mix of consulting experience from the Nielsen Company and other small business, as well as the StartupBus. Learn more about, and connect with Jordan via LinkedIn here.

More about SwipedIn

Check out their video explanation of what they do below.

Their pitch: SwipedIn is a mobile application for iPhone and Android that shows users where the hottest Offers are from businesses nearby.

From their website, "SwipedIn gets users special Perks when they share Offers from their favorite businesses with friends. Best of all, there is no pre-purchasing of Offers and no need to link any credit cards with your account."

Their apps are free to download and if you're either visiting or are living in Madison, WI currently they sound very useful. However, if you're in Chicago, you'll have to wait--they're launching officially in Chicago in this August.


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