Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tech Interview Podcast: Mike Barrett of Veteran Central

This is podcast #4 in a series of 50 tech startup interviews. If you aren't already subscribed to this podcast series, do so here.

Mike Barrett was like many veterans. After serving our country for 9 years in Afghanistan and Iraq, he came home to few opportunities and many challenges.

Seeing others who were in a similar situation, Mike made the most of his situation and started Veteran Central. Since launching just several months ago in February 2012, the site has already gotten over 1200 users.

Providing resources specifically for veteran job seekers, it provides opportunities for a struggling community. The unemployment rate among veterans stands at around 7.6%. According to MSNBC, this is because many service veterans find it difficult to define how their military experience translates into civilian jobs.

With a family member that served in the Air Force, I understand how important such post-military opportunities can be to their success. If you know an unemployed veteran, encourage them towards success. Recommend they add themselves to Veteran Central.


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