Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tech Interview Podcast: John Pytel of GoSoapBox

This is podcast #4 in a series of 50 tech startup interviews. If you aren't already subscribed to this podcast series, do so here.

GoSoapBox has been used at many events in Chicago, including Technori and beyond. John Pytel is co-founder of GoSoapBox, and we caught up with John at TechWeek.

About John

John recently graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. After a stint at the Nielsen Company, he become co-founder of GoSoapBox and is actively involved in all things startup in Chicago.

John was especially passionate about making the educational experience better for shy learners when he started GoSoapBox. That's also translating well into B2B and corporate events across Chicago like Technori and TechWeek that have used GoSoapBox widely.

About GoSoapBox 

Since starting just over 1 year ago, GoSoapBox has garnered attention from local, regional and national attention. They won the Lean Startup Challenge Chicago in 2011, and continue to increasing customer acquisition month-by-month.

They've also received positive media coverage from greats like Mashable, the Illinois Tech Association and beyond. If you aren't already, follow @GoSoapBox on Twitter, and on Facebook right now!

The conversation was fruitful and interesting. Check it out!


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