Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tech Interview Podcast: Matt Pine of Ubokia

Podcast #6 of 50, we present... Ubokia! As an avid user of, this startup appealed to the buyer in me. Before you read this article, don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook above!

A social commerce marketplace, this startup is changing the way you shop online. In this podcast, we interview Matt Pine, VP of Marketing and founding member of Ubokia. He divulges on the challenges, successes and revolutions that Ubokia is sparking online.

More about Matt:

With years of marketing experience under his belt, and a family full of enthusiasm, Matt is probably the most full of passion you could ask for as a VP of Marketing. Before Ubokia, Matt worked in a variety of marketing roles in SMEs across San Francisco. Find Matt Pine on LinkedIn.

More about Ubokia:

Ubokia aims to transform online commerce through injecting a social element into purchases. It offers a more robust search (and quicker response time) than craigslist, less scammers than eBay and has the opportunity to be more community-centric than Amazon. They also rolled out a uTrust program that verifies its participants--further reducing opportunities for spams and scams.

Their pitch: create a (free and simple) account, post a want, sell items or browse what others want.


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