Monday, July 9, 2012

7 Tech Startup Blogs I Love

Chicago has seen a shake-up of tech startups in the past several years. We're excited to be in the middle of those developments. We also learn tons from other blogs.

Below are absolute favorites:


This is Dharmesh Shah's blog, and also guest blogged by a variety of tech startup founders. Dharmesh has actionable insights into starting up.

This is Mark Suster's blog. As a 2x entrepreneur who, "has gone to the dark side of VC". He's the voice of reason for entrepreneurs looking for funding.

As a highly successful entrepreneur, Jason Cohen has lots to say about startups. He also co-authors OnStartups, too.

Steve Blank

Steve has a seasoned perspective on startups. As a 8-time entrepreneur and professor, Steve is very familiar with startup.

Ben's Blog

Ben Horowitz is a VC in Menlo Park (near Palo Alto) he also founded his own startup in the early 2000s called LoudCloud.

Gabriel Weinberg's Blog

This entrepreneur and VC has interesting ways on improving the way you do business as a startup.


Does what it says on the tin. Fred Wilson is a famous, NYC-based VC that stirs up lots of attention within the tech social media community. He also podcasts!


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