Monday, July 9, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Dale Harrison of

Podcast #18 of 50, this interview was with Dale Harrison of Specializing in the biopharmaceutical industry, enGrant builds bridges within that community by connecting scientists with sales people.

On the flip side, enGrant also offers individuals like you and me an eye into how research projects are developing across the most recognized scientific institutions in the USA. Check out this interview as Dale describes some of his challenges, starting up in Houston, TX and the story behind enGrant.

About Dale

Dale is an entrepreneurial-oriented executive with more than 20 years of experience managing high technology businesses across diverse markets and working in international environments. With a specialty in the biopharmaceutical industry, Dale has worked in a variety of roles throughout those two decades. For example, Dale has served as Visiting Scientist at MIT, CTO at a biotech firm, to President and VP of Sales & Marketing at other biotech firms. Connect with Dale and learn more about his breath of knowledge on biopharma on LinkedIn.

About enGrant

enGrant Scientific is a privately held company based in Houston, TX. They're the leading supplier of information on scientific research grants, research activity and funding trends. The enGrant Search Engine gives you direct access to a database of over 2 million scientific research grants funding the work of 300,000 primary investigators.

Their pitch: through an online search tool, they connect pharma sales representatives (as well as the wider public) with scientists and their research projects.

They've assembled the largest and most comprehensive database of scientific research activity in existence. In a single place, scientists also have a complete and current access to all major sources of scientific research funding including the NIH, NSF, FDA, CDC and dozens of other public and private funding sources.


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