Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tech Startup Event: Tech Cocktail w/ Belly & Code Academy

When: Aug 8, 6.30-8PM
Where: Joe's, 940 W. Weed St.


From their Tech Cocktail events page. What’s the difference between someone with a dream and someone running a startup company? Action. The world is full of people with ideas and dreams, but many don’t know how to take the first steps to turn those ideas into reality.

At this special inaugural Tech Cocktail Sessions Chicago event, you’ll hear from local entrepreneurs who were able to take their vision and turn it into companies.

Sessions, Tech Cocktail’s new speaker series, brings the experiences of successful entrepreneurs to you so you can learn to succeed and learn lessons for your startup. Hear their stories in their own words and ask them your questions in an intimate setting. This month they’ll focus on startup inspiration and taking those important first steps to get started.


Logan LaHive, Founder & CEO of Belly

As the Chief Big Belly, it is Logan’s responsibility to pay for company dinners and to motivate the team with inspirational quotes worthy enough to be printed on matching t-shirts. Previously, Logan was the Director of New Business at Redbox after successfully leading the company’s initiative to test and rollout video game rentals. Since then, Logan has spent the past 7 years in startups and he’s developed a passion for helping small businesses achieve their goals. Logan will have succeeded in his efforts when he finally owns the San Francisco 49ers. He admits to wanting to shave his barber’s beard; fortunately, he’s created a product, Belly, which allows him to do so.

Neal Sales-Griffin, Founder & CEO of Code Academy

Neal is currently the founder and CEO of Code Academy, a beginner web design and development school in Chicago. Neal has worked and consulted with numerous startups and not-for-profits across Chicago. He has had the privilege of working with OCA Ventures and Sandbox Industries, two prominent venture firms in Chicago. Neal also serves as a board member of the Chicago chapter of International Game Developers Association.

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