Friday, July 27, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Eric Liu of Rocket Lease

Leasing as a renter and owner can be extremely tough. Eric Liu's Rocket Lease simplifies that process. We caught up with Eric at VentureSHOT (a Chicago incubator-style office).

What we chatted about:
  • The story of Rocket Lease
  • Why the rental industry needs Rocket Lease
  • How they define their target audience
  • The plan for Rocket Lease to stay relevant in their market (especially offering an amazing product) 
  • What's next for Rocket Lease

More about Eric

Eric Liu is a co-founder of Rocket Lease, a service providing online rental applications and credit checks (

Before startups, Eric was an options trader at the Chicago Board of Trade and managed an algorithmic trading desk.

He studied chemistry at UT Austin, is aggressively Texan, and obsesses over startups and crossfit.

More about Rocket Lease

Their pitch: Rocket Lease makes the apartment rental application process happen online. Instead of processing paper applications and faxes, landlords and property managers can send an online application link & manage the application process in a simple online interface.

How it works: 

Brokers and landlords give out a link to an online rental application for their vacancies. Prospective tenants fill out and submit applications online or on a mobile device.

Rocket Lease runs and compiles tenant screening reports (credit, criminal, eviction) with the application information. Brokers and landlords can view the application online and accept or reject the applicant with one click.

Rocket Lease saves 8-12 hours of time for each unit leased. Learn more on Twitter @rocketlease, Facebook and LinkedIn.


  1. Great post, this was a very interesting read! I came across your blog while I was reading articles about tenant screening , I'm happy I did because this was very insightful. Thank you for sharing this with us!