Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Asif Khan of Caremerge

Podcast #23 of 50 was an interview with healthcare startup founder Asif Khan. We talked about the problems of the hospitals, expanding the Caremerge solution and technology solutions for healthcare.

More on Asif

Asif has over 20 years of experience in Technology. Most of his experience (over 12 years) has been with GE in leadership roles with increasing responsibilities at various GE businesses. Asif served about 8 years in various Senior and Global Product Marketing roles at GE Healthcare IT.

During his tenure at GE, Asif worked as an entrepreneurial catalyst driving positive change across various businesses. Starting at GE Capital Rail Services, he was the first Technology leader at GE Capital to outsource the IT support services, leading the way with best practices for the entire GE Capital businesses in 1999.

In 2002, serving as a senior consultant (At the customer, for the customer Six Sigma Black Belt - ACFC BB) to ComEd, Asif revolutionized engineering processes through digitization and software automation. As a result, he was awarded a Leadership Award, and the project was presented to Jeff Immelt (Chairman and CEO of GE) as a best practice.

Before leaving GE Healthcare in late 2010, Asif was responsible for a portfolio of healthcare products generating $140 million annually with over 3000 customers (Hospitals and large clinics) worldwide.

Asif holds a B.A. in Journalism & History and a B.Sc. in Computer Science. He earned his M.B.A. from Booth School of Business - University of Chicago. Connect with Asif on LinkedIn.

More on Caremerge

The [above] video also explains more about Caremerge.

Their pitch: Caremerge provides the world’s first, complete set of web and mobile communication & care coordination Apps for senior living communities.

How? Their mobile apps allow staff to connect with one another and with offsite stakeholders (family members, therapists, doctors, etc.) to facilitate timely care for senior residents. Follow them on @caremerge on Twitter and Facebook.


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