Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Bryan Naas of Trensy

Podcast #24 of 50, this interview features Brian Naas of Trensy. A clear social enterprise, Trensy makes it easy and fun for users to volunteer. It's making a very positive impact on its community in Indianapolis, and we were excited to catch up with Bryan over the phone.

We chatted about the startup scene in Indy, the challenges of being a social venture, and enabling others to lead more enriching lives through community service. The introduction wasn't included on this one, but it comes from Erica Grigg (the interviewer). 

More about Bryan

Bryan has a background in education and educational technology. He has a MS, Educational Technology from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, as well as a BA in Secondary Education from Indiana University Bloomington. Since graduating, Bryan taught at multiple institutions across Indiana. Currently, in addition to co-founding of Trensy, Bryan also works at DyKnow, an educational technology company from Indianapolis. Connect with Bryan on LinkedIn.

More about Trensy

Their pitch: Trensy is about getting more involved in your community & helping organizations energize & reward their supporters. Discover & check in actions defined by teams to earn points & compete with friends. All in an effort to make the world a better place, one action at a time.

They believe we can make the world a better place through the collective actions of good people. Being sports lovers, what better way to get people to rally around causes than through good old fashioned competition.

They set out to build a fun and easy way for people to give back to their communities and engage with their favorite causes all while competing with their friends and neighbors. Connect with Trensy on Twitter @Trensy and Facebook.


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