Monday, July 16, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Brittany Martin Graunke of Zealous Good

Podcast #26 of 50, Erica chatted with Brittany (also @ZealousBrittany on Twitter) about her social enterprise, Zealous Good. Using a web platform, donors and non-profit can give and receive products that benefit them. We chatted the challenges of socially-minded business, adding features and why Chicago is their ideal startup city.

I haven't started using Zealous Good yet, but I look forward to trying this out with the oodles of clothes to donate. Moving out? Have office items you're looking to get rid of? Use! Though this service is in Chicago only currently, it's expanding soon.

More about Brittany

While she was born in Chicago, Brittany moved nine times across five countries before her family settled in Dallas. Brittany returned to the Midwest to study industrial engineering at Northwestern University.

Before starting Zealous Good, she worked at Bain & Company as a management consultant and United Way of Metropolitan Chicago as the strategic engagement manager.

She is passionate about people (which she credits to her nomadic childhood) and using engineering to make the world a better place. Connect with Brittany on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter @ZealousBrittany.

More about Zealous Good

Their pitch: makes it easier, faster, and more meaningful to donate excess items to local charities in need.

For both donors (which could be you!) and non-profits, ZealousGood brokers connections that wouldnt've been made otherwise. Have a spare set of dishes, a TV, chairs or clothes? After you register with Zealous Good, they'll take your donation and give it to the non-profit of your choice quickly and without hassle.

Check out some non-profits explaining why they like Zealous Good.


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