Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Charisse Conanan of Smarteys

Podcast #17 of 50, check out this interview with Charisse Conanan, co-founder of Smarteys. If you're a young person and need help improving your finances, you must check out the Smarteys tool. Do you know how much you have left over after paying for rent, utilities and groceries? If you used Smarteys you would.

In this conversation, we chatted with Charisse about the joys of starting up, how she measures success, and how to find joy in the daily grind of tech startups.

More on Charisse

Charisse is CEO and co-founder of Smarteys. Prior to Smarteys, Charisse was a Vice President at JPMorgan Asset Management, where she conducted specialized research and made buy/sell investment decisions for the $10 billion JPMorgan Mid Cap Value Fund (FLMVX).

She also created MyFi, the division’s first personal finance series. Charisse teaches online financial classes, blogs about personal financial, and speaks regularly at industry events. Charisse received her MBA from Chicago Booth and BA from Yale University. She is a bid whist enthusiast, NY sports fan, and a professional foodie.

More on Smarteys

Their pitch: Smarteys creates simple software that allows millennials to spend money guilt-free. They plan so you that can buy - we are like Trip Advisor for all your discretionary spending. Smarteys target market is the millennials, college aged and recently graduated individuals - a huge, underserved market.

Since its 2010 founding in Chicago, Smarteys has taken an active role in educating young adults on money matters. The company hosts live events and writes regularly on their blog to help young adults spend smartly. They also collaborate with partners for the national America Saves Week and with local schools for Chicago Money Smart Week.

Smareys also provides workshops to colleges students and non-profit organizations on managing their money. Smarteys’ expert personal finance advice has been featured on television and in numerous publications, and even the The White House has sought out its innovation in the industry.


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