Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: David Culver of VentureSHOT

Podcast #29 of 50 was an interview with David Culver of VentureShot.

As co-founder and Chief Collaboration Officer with VentureSHOT, David is working hard to make VentureShot the primer incubator in Chicago. Hosting a series of startups, VentureShot helps beginning-stage to late-stage startups grow. Our conversation noted how VentureShot and their FundFeedingFrenzy is changing the face of the Chicago startup scene.

More about David

David is a successful entrepreneur responsible for starting, buying or growing a large number of entrepreneurial businesses. Currently, David is co-Founder and Chief Collaboration Officer at VentureSHOT, Chicago's "High Energy" Entrepreneur Collaboration Center and Business Incubator that helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies.

David also likes to invest in Real Estate, for cash flow, passive income and wealth creation. His focus is residential multi-family buildings and complexes that are professionally managed. Very familiar with the world of Single Family Residential investing and Lease Options. Previously a corporate Business Manager for a Fortune 500 Company with full P&L responsibility for a nine-figure business unit. He also project and program managed for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Connect with David on LinkedIn.

More about VentureShot

Their pitch: VentureSHOT is the primer incubator in Chicago that helps create and grow startups.

From their website, VentureSHOT is the premiere destination for Chicago entrepreneurs, who can drop in for workshops and other events, meet with mentors, receive consultations and participate in special networking events with local investors. In short, this unparalleled setting will arm entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to give their venture their best shot.

As young businesses grow, owners' desires to exchange their home offices for a more professional environment is understandable, but economically, it's not always feasible. VentureSHOT also provide the necessary bridge by offering entrepreneurs shared workspace at an unheard of price.

With so much to gain, serious entrepreneurs cannot afford to pass up the opportunity to tap into Chicago's best place to network, learn and grow. The choice is yours — you can fire aimlessly and hope for the best, or you can give your venture your very best shot by joining VentureSHOT. Learn more about their events on Meetup, and follow their FundFeedingFrenzy on Facebook.


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