Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Looking for Awesome Tech Startup Bloggers

Maybe you've seen this blog, have stumbled across it. Or maybe you're an avid fan since our launch around a month ago.

Either way, I'm passionate about this industry. The objective is to use this blog to showcase knowledge to advance the tech startup community in Chicago and beyond.

That's why I'm looking for writers/ bloggers! I want to promote you, and the great work you're doing within the community!

Blogging for TechInspire.Me is super easy because you're such an awesome writer. Didn't you know?

Several quick tips to make this easier for both of us:
  • Write in short sentences
  • Use captions as much as possible
  • Read it over at least once
  • Connect with other popular peeps within the industry if possible
  • How to's... and Top 10s (20s, etc.) work best
  • Titles are Capitalized
  • City? Chicago and beyond. If you're from NYC or San Fran, that's a super bonus
Please e-mail questions and/or Posts directly to erica@techinspire.me and/ or call me directly.

Phone? Isn't it crazy. Yes, some people like to speak to a person directly. Like mouth to ear. My Google Voice number is on the 'Contact Us' form, but it's also here: (773) 413-8403.

Thanks very much!


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