Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Justin & Adam of TABAPP

Everyone knows the annoyance of waiting for a table at a restaurant for what seems forever. On the other side of the equation, restaurants are choosing more online menu offering solutions. That's where TABAPP comes in.

This interview features my conversation with Justin Cerone and Adam Cowie, co-founders of TABAPP.

What we chatted about:

  • Why outsourcing didn't work for them
  • How they're excelling with technology currently
  • Why you should download their mobile iPhone app
  • The reasons they're excited for this upcoming year
  • Recent successes including expanding out their team
More about Justin 

Justin Cerone is an experienced digital marketing entrepreneur and a recent graduate of DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. He received a BA in English from DePaul University in 2010. He founded and currently leads a venture that specializes in digital and mobile marketing that develops proprietary consulting and innovation processes. He brings experience in customer service, business development, and digital marketing to this TABAPP venture. Connect with him on LinkedIn

More on Adam

Adam Cowie recently received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, concentrating in Entrepreneurship, from Babson College - US News and World Report’s #1 school for entrepreneurship over the past 15 years. Adam’s experience in the restaurant industry allows him to fully understand the restaurant business operationally as well as analytically. Connect with him on LinkedIn

More about TABAPP

Why you should download their mobile app: You'll never waste time waiting to get served. 

TABAPP is a mobile application that allows users to order and pay for food and drink at participating bars and restaurants. On the other hand, they also provide smartphones to restaurants to streamline their ordering process. 

They benefit restaurants:

They create completely customizable mobile menus for each venue within their network. They increase restaurants unit sold volume on high margin beverages, drive repeat business, improve order efficiency and differentiate restaurants from their competitors – all resulting in a tremendous lift in overall sales and profitability.

For retailers, they also offer ad space. 

These mobile ads will be served through a digital platform that delivers custom, measureable and highly-targeted campaigns. Large brands can place their brand as large as possible inside the hands of their consumers at the exact point of ordering inside a venue. Follow them on Facebook. Find their iPhone app here.


  1. nice post. I learned something from here. thanks for this.

  2. HI Erica,

    Very Nice article but you didnt mentioned any thing about
    "Why outsourcing didn't work for them" can you highlight more on it

  3. So outsourcing didn't work for them for a variety of reasons. They didn't include numerous reasons, but one of the biggest they did highlight was they didn't work directly with developers. Instead, they managed a manager. Their situation reflects the reality that if entrepreneurs are working with outsourced development teams, that means they need to work with those developers much more than if they were using "insourced" development teams.

    Hope that clarifies.