Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Marguarette Dau of Journey Bar

Podcast #33 of 50 features Marguarette Dau of Journey Bar. While not a, "traditional" tech company, we were especially interested because Journey Bar highlights the need for all business to embrace technology to connect with their target audiences.

During this interview, we chatted about:
  • The story behind the bar
  • The process they took to launch (including beta testing at Logan Square Farmers Market) 
  • How Journey Bar is expanding its retail footprint
  • How this company is strategically using technology to reach out to its target audiences
  • Defining themselves in an overcrowded market
  • What's next for this yummy, flavorful savory bar company
More about Marguarette

Marguarette Dau is the co-founder and CMO of Journey Bar, a Chicago-based nutrition bar company that brings to market unique and healthy bars that are savory instead of sweet. Prior to Journey Bar, Marguarette worked in Management and IT consulting for almost 4 years.

Marguarette received a BS in Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech, MS in Supply Chain Management at MIT, and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She is originally from Atlanta, but now lives in Chicago. She loves traveling where she can experience and learn about new cultures. Connect with Marguarette on LinkedIn.

More about Journey Bar

Their pitch: Enjoy these savory, ultra-portable nutrition bars without the sugar.

Their story:

Consultant to foodie? These two former consultants and avid travelers backpacked or rushed through multiple airports weekly.

Often the easiest and healthiest way to grab a quick bite was to pick up a nutrition bar.  The problem: nutrition bars are like sugary candy bar. Then, the idea of the savory nutrition bar was born.

So how did they come up with their first flavors? In all that traveling, these two had tasted a lot of great food from around the world. So they took the wonderful flavors they enjoyed and created simple recipes. You won’t find loads of sugar (real or fake) in Journey Bars, because it's not needed to make these savory bars taste great.

Just like in “real food”, they use wholesome, natural ingredients and blends of herbs and spices to create unique flavors. These savory nutrition bars instantly take you and your taste buds to different parts of the world, which is why they're called travel bars! Follow them on Twitter @JourneyBar and on Facebook.


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