Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Jesse Miller of Attachments.Me

Podcast #32 of 50 was with Jesse Miller, co-founder and CEO of Attachments.Me.

During this interview, we chatted about:
  • Why this native Torontoan moved to San Francisco for his startup
  • How is partnering with bigger fish (like Google Drive, Vox & Dropbox) to provide an excellent product
  • Helping their users share and organize 1 million files
  • Defining their real achievements with user validation and success stories
  • The tech startup scene in San Francisco
More about Jesse

Jesse grew up programming computers. After getting a degree in computer science he consistently ended up working at small software companies. He finally made the move into management when he was the first hire at Field ID (formerly N4 Systems Inc) and became the CTO there, helping to grow the company to over 20 people.

Jesse left there for a brief project at Freshbooks before starting his own startup, At Jesse is CEO and has raised $2.5M in funding from Foundry Group. Connect with, and learn more about Jesse on LinkedIn.

More about Attachments.Me

Their pitch:  We want to get you and your company's files organized. We do this by making sure all the files you receive in email are easy to find and automatically put in their final destination. We connect your email to cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Box. was founded by Benjamin Coe and Jesse Miller. Originally we were located in Toronto, Canada. After taking funding from Foundry Group we relocated the business to San Francisco. Our office is in the sunny Mission district, in a shared space called Dolores Labs.


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