Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Mike Muhney of VIPorbit

Podcast #28 of 50, we chatted with Mike Muhney, CEO and co-Founder of VIPorbit about the changing face of CRM.

We discovered how he's shaking up relationship management, and how his mobile app startup is making a serious impact. We talked about the changing face of relationships, how to leverage contacts for a great industry presence, and actually Facebook "Frienditutes."

If you are an iPhone and/or iPad user, (I have an Android) we recommend you try out their free version of the app. It sounds highly valuable. 

More about Mike

Mike is the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of ACT!, the product that originally created the entire Contact Management category and industry globally. He introduced the concept of relationship management back in an era when a new device called a “laptop” was only beginning to take shape.

During it’s 25-year life ACT! has had over 10,000,000 users globally. It's is also attributed with being the catalyst that created the multi-billion dollar CRM industry.

Today, as CEO & co-Founder of VIPorbit, Mike is delivering solutions to the entire market of Apple smartphone and tablet users with plans to continue penetrating other market segments, intending on making ACT! look like nothing more than an experiment. Mike is also Co-Author of “Who’s In Your ORBIT? – Beyond Facebook, Creating Relationships That Matter." Connect with Mike on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @MikeMuhney

More about VIPorbit

Their pitch: With VIPorbit, you’ll enhance your business value and turn relationships into assets.

From their website: VIPorbit is the only full-featured mobile relationship manager designed for managing business relationships on the iPhone. From the co-inventor of ACT!, it provides business professionals with an affordable, easy-to-use anytime, anywhere solution that allows them to deal with more people more effectively, elevating the value of their relationships.

Follow them on Twitter @viporbit, Facebook and their blog.


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