Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Moses Hohman of Human Practice

Finding a doctor--even when you have insurance--can be tough. Finding a great doctor can be even tougher, especially if you're dealing with a difficult diagnosis.

Here comes Human Practice. Connecting you with the best doctors within your network. I talked with Moses Hohman, co-Founder of Human Practice.

What we chatted about

  • The backstory behind Human Practice
  • What's up with the name? -- (hint: their technology brings in the human element)
  • Why doctors and nurses are far more likely to have better health contacts
  • How you, too, can have an amazing network of doctors, surgeons and beyond
  • What's coming up next for Human Practice (including their pitch at several events across the US)

  • More about Moses

    Moses is a twelve-year software veteran and technical founder with a broad base of biomedical software experience. Most recently he was VP of Development at Bay Area startup, Collaborative Drug Discovery, where he was responsible for the technical direction and team as well as much of day-to-day startup operations.

    He has been interested in health since he was a graduate student at the University of Chicago, when he led a student initiative to improve the student health insurance plan. He builds software because it can make the world a better place.

    He also deeply enjoys the multidisciplinary nature of building software products, and brings to bear his experience from a wide array of fields, from computational physics to agile software development. Moses has a PhD in physics from the University of Chicago, and an AB magna cum laude from Harvard University. Connect with Moses on LinkedIn.

    More about Human Practice

    Their pitch: Human Practice is a site designed to help patients find doctors through people they know and trust.

    In their own words: We help word-of-mouth healthcare recommendations flow online between people who know each other, bridging the gap between people who love their doctors and those who are searching.

    We all know people who can recommend great doctors, but we are either unaware, or when we ask, they never get around to giving it to us. As a result, this valuable information doesn’t flow as freely as it should.

    At Human Practice, we want everyone to have health care information from trusted friends and family available at their fingertips. We leverage the power of social networks (currently Facebook and email) to bring real word of mouth online.

    The personal connection between patient and doctor forms the basis of great healthcare. A good doctor-patient relationship is important. The doctor cares more about the little details, and the patient listens to and follows the doctor’s recommendations. We hope to help build and foster these human relationships.

    Connect with them on @humanpractice on Twitter and Facebook.


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