Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tech Startup Podcast: Tom Marchal of Tappestry

Podcast #15 of 50, I was excited to interview Tom Marchal of Tappestry. As a seasoned business leader with around 20 years of Associated Partner experience at Accenture, it proved to be a highly valuable conversation.

More about Tom

Tom Marchal is a founding member and president/CEO of Float Mobile Learning. In this capacity, he has helped to shape Float into a mobile consultancy with many Fortune 500 clients.

Tom spent the first 20 years of his work life at Accenture in a consulting capacity helping to shape their strategy and then providing implementation management and oversight. His clients at Accenture included Waste Management, Motorola, GE and spanned multiple years on engagements with thousands of workdays.

Tom also is Owner of the Iona Group. The Iona Group designs integrated media experiences for a variety of clients from museums to large corporations. Connect with Tom on LinkedIn.

More about Tappestry

Tappestry is a mobile app that helps users learn throughout their day.

It's the newest product of Float Mobile Learning. This is because a majority of learning that happens is an informal space and often is not defined. So when you attend a conference session, for example, and finally 'get' that last piece of an issue, you could organize your thoughts.

Useful for numerous business settings, Tappestry is set to make its mark on the mobile learning industry. Though it only launched 2 weeks ago, Tappestry has already garnered both media and

Their pitch: Tappestry is the learning social network, designed for users to store, share and retrieve useful information. Follow them at @tappestryapp on Twitter and on Facebook.


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